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Hailing from South Florida, Kel Fleming (they/them) is a young and emerging artist focusing on the creation of new political, psychedelic, absurd, and comedic theatrical pieces. Kel is a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Directing, Playwriting, + Production Program at the University of the Arts. Along with their BFA, Kel is a recipient of the THEA Peer Award and the DPP Collaboration Award. 

The bulk of Kel's work takes a critical, ridiculous look at our world focusing on political and societal power structures and how they affect young people.  Fleming is constantly finding the balance between suspended disbelief and grounded reality and how theatre enhances our understanding of the human condition.

In Summer 2020, Kel and their longtime collaborators started a new collective of theatre artists, The Void, with the mission to empower the ambitious and create art to fill the voids in our current community. Learn more about The Void and the work they are doing on their website.

Kel is currently available for hire as a stage manager, director, or dramaturg, as well as writing commissions. Click here to contact them!



"Disgustingly irritatingly clever... Embraces structure without being creatively stifled by it."

David Jacobi

"Able to find core humanity in the least human characters."

Becca Smith

"A masterful balance of suspended disbelief and grounded reality."

Juana Parral

Amy Dugas Brown speaking at the Ira Brind School of Theatre Arts Class of 2021 Senior Awards Night, May 19th, 2021.

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Kel Fleming

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