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Fish Funerals

By Genevieve Farbe

In the polluted Gulf of Mexico, lives a ragtag, mutilated, and idealistic group of fish. When the water becomes too foggy, they decide to hold a protest for their right to be alive to their god, Brightboy, the Sun.


Little One  Phenon Murphy

Crabby Ass  Emilia Amador

Tricky  Fosse Thornton

Grouper  Alberto Castro

Peter  Jake Jeffers


Creative Team

Director Bailey Roper

Choreographer Skye Hughes

Stage Manager Kelly Fleming

Dramaturg Monti Cerabino


Lighting Designer Colin Sass

Scenic Designer Michael Kowalski

Costume Designer Cybele Moon

Props Designer Cass Meehan

Sound Designer Lucas Fendlay


Photos by Cass Meehan, Paola Nogueras

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