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By Tamara Wheaten

A close and critical look the service industry and all of its' ingenuities; reflecting on the way that our society treats those in the industry as well as the taboos of immigrants in the service world.


Manny Michael Jernick

Sophia Maddy Pratt

Kristine Alicia Easterday

Mrs. Smith Kim Redman

Theo Thomas Russo

Aida Olivia Baskett

Dima Josh Crosby

Dave Carzell Anderson

Improv Ensemble Nolan Cummings, Seph McAndrew, Sarah Hough, Justin Rubenstein, Isabella Mollica, Mary McCabe, Shay Larusso


Production Team

Director Nick Hatcher

Stage Manager Kelly Fleming

Assistant Director Brittney Anderson

Scenic Designer Dalton Whiting

Lighting Designer Larry Barnes

Sound Designer Tamara Wheaten

Props Designer Cole Supsic

Costume Designer Corrie Meehan

Photos by Emily Wanamaker

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