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Mother Courage

and her children

By Bertolt Brecht

Translated by Eric Bentley

Mother Courage drags her cart across the battlefields of the Thirty Years War, profiteering from a conflict that destroys her children, one by one. It isn’t easy, starting a war, but nothing worthwhile is easy. Although some may pray for peace, Mother Courage knows war is like love, it always finds a way. 



Mother Courage  Eleanor Borzilleri

Swiss Cheese  Stephen Perkins

Eilif  Cameron Farrell

Kattrin Sarah Bastian
The Cook  Giacomo Fizzano

The Chaplain Jeffrey Bare

Yvette Phenon Murphy

Ensemble Shaun Morgan, Clark Smith, Justin Rubenstein, Trey Krause, Fiona Hill, Max Nolan, Olivia Duvall 

Cellist Lauren Kelly

Drummer John Caserta


Creative Team

Director Brittney Anderson

Stage Manager/Assistant Director Kelly Fleming

Dramaturg David Tibbs

Composer/Music Director Daniel Jones


Lighting Designer Lilly Fossner

Scenic Designer Nick Embree

Costume Designer Suni Watkins

Props Designer Kat Wheary & Christine DiJoseph

Sound Designer Toby Pettit

Photos by Paola Nogueras and Kat Wheary


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