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a psychic investigation into the death
of someone I once knew


a new play by Will Vence Jr. 
Directed by Bayla Rubin

Following psychic detective August, a psychic investigation… is a modern-day noir comic book on stage. Set in the present day and memories from ten years ago, August must return to their hometown after a decade to investigate the murders of local gay men, including their former lover Talon. The play centers on estrangement, loneliness, returning, and uses the spectacular to analyze the realistic wounds left after you leave everything you ever knew behind.


August Ezra Quinn

Kris Sarah Golczewski

Talon Joe Britt-Simpson

Campbell Vinnie Pontari

Young Kris/Ensemble Courtney Guigliano

Young Talon/Ensemble Michael Ramalho

Young August/Ensemble Kyle Edens

Sherriff Scott/Ensemble Carl Bright-Walck

Photos by Paola Nogueras

Poster Design by Jonathan Balbi @good_greef

Production Team

Director Bayla Rubin

Stage Manager Kel Fleming

Assistant Director Matt Bock

Dramaturg Teayra Bowden

Assistant Stage Manager Pamela Jimenez

Scenic Designer Frank Oliva

Lighting Designer Manny Garcia

Sound Designer Mike DeVito

Props Designer Allison Freels

Costume Designer Asaki Kuruma

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