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Make Em' Cry "Uncle!"

By Dizzi De Luca

Uncle Sam blew up the Earth, seemingly leaving him to be the last man standing. Enter Lady Liberty and their child to throw Sam's life into new territory. A roller disco, custody battle, and more push Sam to search for redemption in a world he destroyed.


Make Em' Cry, "Uncle!" asks if America and mankind can be redeemed through the lens of a post-apocalyptic, Americana comedic play with music.



Uncle Sam  Daniel Jones

Lady Liberty  Madalina Richardson

Child  Erin Russo

Roller Disco Knight/Justice  Jocelyn Kilpatrick
Roller Disco Knight/Lawyer  Jeffrey Bare

Roller Disco Knight/Bailiff  Fosse Thornton


Creative Team

Director Kelly Fleming

Playwright Dizzi De Luca

Stage Manager Emily Betts

Assistant Director Monti Cerabino

Dramaturg Andy Miqueli

Music Director Daniel Jones

Rollerskate Choreographer Jocelyn Kilpatrick

Fight Choreographer Jason Corn


Lighting Designer Larry Barnes

Scenic Designer Rachael Gran

Costume Designer Lindsey Silver

Props Designer Amir Gad

Sound Designer Allison Britt


Photos by Zach Heckler, Cass Meehan, Hannah Hobson, Paola Nogueras

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