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Plays + Dramatic Writing

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In October of 1966, James McKenzie, frontman and songwriter for the insanely popular band The Grooves, suddenly and accidentally, died. In order to cover up his death from their fans and the general public, and from a warning of national safety from MI6, Grooves management covered up James’s death and replaced him with a stand-in, Will Peers. 

This play follows how the band recovers from this loss while following Will’s descent into delusion as he becomes his deceased predecessor.

This piece is to be presented as an audio play paired with an original, psychedelic score and visuals.

An adaptation of the Paul is Dead conspiracy theory.

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What does Lucifer, Lord of the Underworld, do in his free time? Bug hunt. The Dark Lord loves bugs. But on this excursion, Lucifer meets with an unfamiliar being, the Cosmic Egg, and might just fall in love too. A new one-act absurdist musical exploring sin, temptation, and love at first sight.

A musical work in progress

Sample created for Musical Theatre Writing, Instructor: Storm Thomas

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President William Howard Taft is stuck in the Presidential Bath. What a conundrum. What are we to do with an impressionable, powerful man who is stuck in such a precarious situation?

Through songs, boxing matches, and bubbles, Taft In The Tub explores power and influence in the American Political system. 

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A collection of materials for the conceptual immersive, overnight, theatrical experience on an abandoned town-set of a series of Spaghetti Westerns turned Inn. The Infamous Mesa Lesa Inn.

As guests arrive, they are met with the sight of a FBI excavation happening in the hills right behind the Inn. 

After meeting the suspicious Inn Owners and the other guests, audience members are brought into a mysterious and tenuous immersive experience. 

A work in progress.

Sample created for Playwright's Workshop, Instructor: David Jacobi

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An odd diner in an odd world. Rotting food hanging from the ceiling, lesbians that turn into crows, and an increasingly interesting child. 

A work in progress.

Sample created for Playwrighting III, Instructor: David Jacobi

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